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Save Time Designing Church Bulletins Using Templates

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Software Helps Make Your Church Bulletin Ideas Come to Life
Save Time Designing Church Bulletins Using Templates

With so many desktop publishing software packages available – along with a growing number of web-based design applications – the question is – “which one do I use to design my church bulletins?”

The answer depends upon your church’s needs, and the capabilities of your designer(s).

Traditional Design Software vs. Cloud Design Software

Before you can start creating your church bulletin templates, you need to decide what type of software you’re going to use. There are two types: Traditional and Cloud.

With traditional design software, a company has one dedicated hard drive on which the software is installed and document data is saved. With cloud design software, the hard drive becomes unnecessary, and data can be entered and information accessed from anywhere there is Internet.

Additionally, cloud design software tends to be a more affordable solution than traditional design software, since upfront costs are usually less than traditional design software and the hardware that is required to run in. Cloud-based design programs automatically back up data, which can make this option more secure. Finally, cloud design software often functions across different platforms, while traditional design software may only work on one platform.

If your designers are volunteers, they may have the know-how and software to create great-looking designs that will engage and impress your congregation (and potential new members). If the person designing your bulletins doesn’t know their way around graphic design or page layout software, online tools will be best.

Benefits of Cloud Design Software

Both cloud and traditional design software have their benefits, both of which should be considered when making a purchasing decision. Churches that might consider taking advantage of the benefits of cloud design software include the following:

  • Churches that have a small budget, since it often costs less over time to invest in cloud design software than traditional design software.
  • Churches with members or volunteers who work remotely, since they may prefer the convenience and accessibility of a cloud solution.
  • Churches who cannot provide themselves with adequate security, since many cloud computing companies can keep their information safer from security threats than they can.
  • Churches that want to avoid any potential physical mishaps with technology at an office that could destroy hard drives and, thus, data (fire, flood, etc.)

Using Church Bulletin Templates to Bring Your Ideas to Life

Now that you know the benefits to using a cloud-based solution, the next step is creating your documents WITHIN that solution.

Quick and easy document creation is crucial to keeping your church running at the speed members need to keep up with events, sermons, and fundraisers. Clergy can stay on top of heavy workloads by using templates for efficient document creation. Adopt this approach at your church and you will find that you can reach more members more effectively.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of using templates to layout and design your church bulletin ideas:

  1. Save time – the obvious benefit, using templates takes the guesswork out of design for those who are less technically-savvy, making your documents client-presentable by formatting templates using your church’s branding.
  2. Templates can be made available to anyone who needs them - while many clergy informally create templates to cut and paste when needed, this method usually involves many people duplicating one another’s work. With a cloud-based system, all members of your church can take advantage of every template you have ever created.
  3. Keep documents up-to-date - With centralized templates, one person can update relevant sections of documents for the whole church. Eliminate time-consuming work and avoid the accidental use of outdated information through these updates.
  4. Keep templates organized for ease of use - Once your church has useful templates, they have to be easy to find when they are needed. Cloud software puts the templates you need at your fingertips, so every member of your church can always find the church bulletins they need.

In Closing

When choosing what type of software to use to design your church bulletin layouts, it’s best to evaluate who will be doing the design and layout.

That said, - even experienced professionals can utilize cloud software for its unique benefits – including online collaboration, centralized management, and revision history that will make managing a church’s image a much less daunting process.

Try using our customization tool to create your own church bulletins online for your congregation!

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